Frequently asked questions

Before you book

How do I request a fare on App?

Simply download the metroryde app and register in using yourapply coupon and enjoy your first free ride .

What does it work ?

Prior to using the metroryde Services, the passenger must register. Registration requires the passenger's correct and full first and last name, email address ("user name"), mailing address, phone number and login password. All personal data provided by the passenger to metroryde will be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy accessible at A successful registration, including acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, is required to be able to use the metroryde Services. During the registration process, the passenger will be able to identify and correct input errors before completion of the registration.

pricing and charge ?

metroryde charge booking fee to the passenger for the use of the metroryde App Services. The partner 3rd party driver will charge the passenger directly for any taxi transportation services (including any surcharges that may be required by local regulations, for example taxi tariff regulations). Furthermore, if the passenger uses Third Party Services, such third party may charge the passenger for such usage.includig toll gate and some fees

How do I pay for my Trip?

CAHLESS PAYMENT Complete all your rides at the tap of a button through our secure and seamless easy payment system.

Can I use a transfer with more than one stop?

no problem driver will end trip at last destination canbe used mor than one stop in between

Before you leave tha taxi at end of your trip

make sure you have all belonging with you

Where will I meet the driver when I arrive?

login to your App and request desired car type and send to driver real time the nearest driver will accept your request will be in less than 10 to 15 minutes

What happens if I can’t locate my driver?

request again until new driver will accept your request

My group size has changed, can I choose another vehicle?

make sure the car you selected has enough room for all passangeres it is explained on detail of your App to see siz of passaneger

How long will the trip will take?

based on your destination app will calculate your distance and traveling time

report your lost items on metroryde contact us oage

If you have a guestion not answered here

send us message contact us

can i order 12 passengers seat?

opan your passenger app and select van tab and send request it is easy 12 Passengers $5.25 per Mile $0.55 per min $15 Base Fare $ 29 Minimum Fare $2 booking fee Professional driver

How do I change my payment method??

Open the metroryde app and select payment tab and Options. Tap on the card option.

How do I use a promo code??

Open the metroryde app and select disiered car Options. Tap on the select Promo Code in pre request . Please note that metroryde promo codes will not work if expired and make sure you use current coupon . If you have an oldcoupon may not work on promo code, you will need to use it in the metroryde latest code or pay full amount

What do I do if I have a problem??

Assuming the answer to your problem is not within these FAQs, please drop us a line on [email protected] or contactus on our page contact metroryde and we'll get back to you shortly.