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Metroryde Technology is a Professional Drivers Network based on chicago IL; linking travlers with a professional registerd drivers only .Metroryde technologies LLC is not car sharing Company rather the technology that help users to connect with registered professional livery or taxi driver to near your requsting location.Wherever you're headed, pick your perfect ride for any occasion. Running arround across town, Headed to a black tie event and Catching a late flight. Choose from a selection of services from luxury rides to regular City Taxis. Our vision is to connect everyday people with reliable and safe drivers. Metroryde is designed very user friendly for both User and service provider . Customer pays for service via App through secured payment system.it is convenient and cashless. Download our App from Itune store and enjoy a Ride.
Request a ride on demand through the metroryde app and one of our licensed and insured 3rd party partner will come directly to your door. Or arrange pick up through our online selection. Choosing from luxury vehicle's to City Taxis. Driving to work, Early flight or Special occasions or no occasion at all. We have every options to meet your needs.
Safety and professionalism are what sets Metroryde apart. All of our partner drivers are verified for public transportation.
Cashless Easy Payment -Complete all your rides at the tap of a button through our secure and seamless easy payment system.
-Expect only the best from our professional trained drivers!